Friday, June 10, 2016

An Adam Henry?

I was running with a friend telling her my latest intel on my 3 estranged sons whom I haven't had nary a word from in almost a decade.  It turns out that the youngest one, now 27, got married over a year ago.

"You mean he got married and he didn't invite you to it or even inform you of it?" she asked.  This woman is as sharp as they come and as good a Christian as I know, but she is also a loving parent.

"What an asshole," she muttered.  She had just pronounced judgment on the boy's (now a man) actions and attitudes for the last decade and a half.

It was the first time this good friend had offered an unsympathetic outlook on any of my children.  I think her point was that this adult, regardless of how he had had his will maliciously overborne as a minor by adults during the divorce, was now a fully mature adult responsible for how he conducted himself and he had squandered a chance to effect a change in the hateful nature of the relationships in his life.

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