Tuesday, June 14, 2016

For today I'm gay

49 tragic deaths in a gay nightclub in Orlando Sunday.  A mentally unstable, wife-abusing US citizen who was on the FBI's radar screen was able to easily buy an assault rifle and put it to horrific use.  Only in America.

He was a homegrown terrorist who was either a homophobe or perhaps a self-loathing denier.  This situation has nothing to do with religion.

I donated double red cells on Friday, and I like to think that if my donation wasn't put to good use in my area, then perhaps it was sent to Orlando for use after that mass carnage.  I am O+ so my blood is useful for almost everyone (except for the rarer O- people).

For today, I am gay in solidarity with my slain and wounded brethren and sisters.

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Anonymous said...

Same here. Except the blood donating.
(((your sister in Minnesota))) --who also is occassionally Jewish.