Sunday, June 26, 2016

When I'm 64 Part 2, or Unanticipated Guests Arrive.

On my birthday this year, as usual, I presented my three estranged children the opportunity to reconnect with me by very publicly being at my favorite pizzeria in Arlington for lunch.  Four very welcome and gratifying guests appeared during this lunch.  (John and his new wife Riza joined me to wish me a happy birthday and bought me lunch.)

My friend John called around noon and said he knew it was my birthday and that he had read on FB that I was having lunch at the Lost Dog Cafe and if I wanted company, he and Riza would be delighted to join me.  I welcomed them to come, and we ordered a large pizza when they showed up, enough for the three of us and more.  (Then two totally unexpected guests suddenly arrived.)

Well, two more additional guests did arrive, rendering me thunderstruck.  Shortly after the pizza arrived, I glanced out the window and was astonished, and deeply touched, to see a co-worker, Lisa, walking towards the entrance carrying her three-week old first-born, Jacqueline.  (Though adorable, let sleeping babies lie.)

I had recently worked closely with, and came to admire, this excellent lawyer on several difficult matters at work before she suddenly went on maternity two weeks early because the baby came then.  It was the mother and daughter's first outing in public and she came to cheer me up, also having read about my lunchtime intentions on FB, and as John observed later, it was apparent that there was a good working chemistry between us as we easily and animatedly discussed public matters at work over lunch while the baby slept in her car seat nearby.  (Practicing at grand parenting with my friend's newborn.)

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