Saturday, December 17, 2016


This past year was a time of change as I have said, having retired.  It also marked a time of farewell.  (The times, they are a-changing.)

The farewell was saying goodbye to most of my friends and acquaintances at my going away party at work, and watching them slip out of my life one by one despite my best efforts to keep up with them because they have busy lives with work and family, and I have neither anymore.  The friends I miss most are my former running buddies, all of whom have fallen off my radar screen.  (Former times.)

One got married and moved away, another had a condition exacerbated by running and was medically advised to specifically not run anymore, and yet another ran with me whenever I set up the run and spent considerable time and effort getting there each time but little else was done to continue the routine so it fell away to virtually nothing.  (Moving on.)

I miss that most of all.  Kirk Vonnegut summed it up best in Slaughterhouse-Five--So it goes.  (The view from Roosevelt Island just beyond the District.)

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