Thursday, December 15, 2016

Whoo Boy!

It's been a whole month since the election without a press conference by the prez elect.  That is unprecedented.

He appointed Rick Perry to head up DOE, the very agency the former Texas governor was going to eliminate in 2008, if only he could have remembered its name during a presidential debate that year.  And now the transition team wants a list of the names of all those DOE employees who ever had anything to do, either by association or professional encounter, with any climate change science, group or initiative.

The repugnants are science deniers, you know, and now they're ready to kick ass among all those federal employees who are earning an honest living.  I have a list here in my pocket (which I'll never show you) of all the suspected communists in the state department, said tail gunner Joe during the red-baiting 50's, and now we're back to the days of those those deplorable witch hunts.

It's enough to get you discouraged.  I personally think that The Donald might start a major war, with Jhina, in his ignorance of, avarice regarding, or lack of interest in anything that doesn't directly advance his personal brand.

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