Tuesday, December 27, 2016


In looking back over old FB posts, I see that I had a premonition about what happened on November 8th.  Last year on December 23d I posted a picture, below, with this caption--"Perhaps a sign of a Christmas Carol on Pennsylvania Avenue? We had Christmas past--to the brink of ruin under the Decider; we have Christmas present--the unaffordability of the current "Affordable" Care Act; and will we have a Christmas future of--demagoguery?"

In May I posed with The Donald in an airport.  Obviously I was storing up goodwill for the future.

In September my sister came through town and I pointed out the recently-opened Trump Hotel to her.  I said, "You should pose in front of that building as a moment from your visit to the nation's capital, ha ha!"

But she didn't think he'd ever become president so she posed, for irony's sake, in front of the building named after the president who started the destruction of America's middle class.  Here she is posing in front of the Ronald Reagan Federal Building.

Who knew?

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