Saturday, January 5, 2008

How Dumb Am I

In this new year, I have run two races already. The first one was a New Year's Day 5K in Arlington, on the Mount Vernon Trail along the Potomac near Key Bridge. The results aren't posted yet, but I ran the out-and-back course in about 23:28. That's only 66 seconds slower than the last time I ran the race two years ago. I'm being sarcastic here.

There's not much to report on it except I spent the entire race chasing a fellow I know, who is about my age, that normally I am faster than. I never caught him.

I think he's from Texas because when I went by him in a race last summer, about a mile in which is where I usually catch him, he was wearing those thoroughly obnoxious I-am-from-Texas shorts. You know, the red and blue vertically striped ones with a big white lone star on them. He's a prickly guy who is notorious in our running club for arguing with everyone about everything (I think he's a lawyer). When I went by him, I said under my breath, "Texas sucks." Because it does. Texas gave us both LBJ and W, our two worst presidents ever.

Usually I'm supportive of any runner I pass or who passes me in a race, I swear it. But I must not have gotten this unkind statement quite under my breath enough, because he looked at me sharply as I passed. As if he were memorizing my face.

So last Tuesday, at about milepost one I cruised on by this fellow as usual. Only he promptly passed me back. And he kept in front of me the rest of the way, no matter what I did. I hung back and then charged. I rode his shoulder. I gunned for him on the last hill. Nothing worked. He put me away. How dumb am I to have given him that motivation?

Today I ran a ten-mile race, which I'll tell you about in another post. I was only six and a half minutes slower than the last time I ran a 10-mile race, on another course a year ago. I'm being sarcastic here. One good thing came out of the race this morning though. Point apparently proved, this fellow let me pass him today per usual at about milepost one. I went by him very quietly. I also made a point of exchanging a non-descript pleasantry with him after the race.


Sunshine said...

Your comment on my blog indicates you are quite an appreciation person.
I just happen to agree with you about worst presidents and TX (but I wouldn't pick a fight with a Texan because they often carry guns).
Good job on races in 2008 already!

jeanne said...

ooh, i WISH i'd run that 10 miles today! i forgot about it, so did 8 instead. in my sleep-deprived state. um texas is where richie and susan live (and probly some other peeps!) so i'm not going on the record about texas.. :)

Just12Finish said...

Smart move Jeanne ... lesse, where'd I put that doggone shotgun again?

Actually, I've never shot a round in my life, wasn't around to vote for LBJ, and sure as HELL didn't vote for w, twice!

But I did have a grand 'ol time at UT. Hook 'em!

Susan said...

I hate Texas, also. But it is because I am from Arkansas! Ha.

Rainmaker said...

"When I went by him, I said under my breath, "Texas sucks." Because it does."

Ha! That's the funniest quip I've ready all night

David said...

I wonder if Mr. Texas is related to the person Jeanne gave the business to a few weeks ago.

Christie said...

This post cracks me up. Happy New Year!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, 2 races already this year? Funny the reaction you got from that guy. I have yet to work out the best way to pass someone without motivating them but doing so definitively close to the finish line seems to help.

Happy New Year!