Saturday, January 12, 2008

The National Marathon Training Program

This morning was the sixth week for the Reebok Training Program for the Wirefly National Marathon and Half-Marathon, to be run on March 29, 2008. On Saturday mornings we run long, and on Wednesday evenings, the participants have the opportunity to do a track workout in the presence of coaches.
My running club, DCRRC, is "powering" the training by supplying the coaching and expertise for the sixteen week program. It is directed by club president Ed Grant, who runs the Marathon training portion of it out of the Georgetown Running Company store in DC. I run the Half-Marathon portion ("Program") of it out of the Gotta Run store in Arlington. (Above: Gene and Rita smile as they wait for Matt to be ready, while the two Stephanies stretch.)

Today Matt took out two athletes of the advanced group on a fast eleven mile run through Old Town. Sasha trailed behind him with another athlete from the intermediate group on a ten mile run, cutting a little bit of Matt's route off down by the Torpedo Factory along the waterfront.

I took out eight runners in the beginners group the other way, north past the Pentagon, over the Memorial Bridge, down the Mall, up Capitol Hill and back, a run of ten miles in a little under two hours. Half the group, just starting out their training, turned around at the Washington Monument and returned together, making it a six mile run. Everyone who made it to the Capitol looked swell powering up Capitol Hill, a steep obstacle. (Above: Sasha leads the two Stephanies out.)

It was a terrific run for me. The weather was cooperative, 45 degrees with no wind, but that wasn't why I enjoyed it so much. Since the only male trainee in the Program, who is a terrific guy to be sure, went off with Matt, that left only me to run with eight women. Well, somebody had to do it. (Above: The sun rises on a Saturday morning in the Program. Photo credit SL.)


Rainmaker said...

Hmmm...clearly I'm running with the wrong group of people. You've got a whole gaggle of attractive women to run with. Note to self: Next year, signup for program.

Christie said...

I wish I had a running group. I guess I should get down to my local running store.

Just12Finish said...

Somebody had to do it indeed. I didn't read about you calling for reinforcements?