Friday, January 4, 2008

Hello Jimmy, or Thriller

You all could tell, by reviewing the Favorite Music section on my Profile, that I seem to be stuck in the 60s. You do review Profiles, right?

A lot of my listed music is from the late 60s, Purple Haze by Hendrix and Badge by Cream and all that, but I was growing up then, so I can't be stuck there. Rather than perpetually be an adolescent with raging hormones and all that, I prefer to be stuck in time as a young man. There is some 80s stuff listed there. Three songs out of the baker's dozen. Let me tell you about that.

Thriller by Michal Jackson is a great song, very well put together with the Vincent Price voice-over and all that. To watch the Michael Jackson Thriller video is stunning. Jackson has some talent. But it resides on my first list of Favorite Music for the memories it evokes in me. Jimmy, my first-born, was colicky. For ninety days he cried all the time, practically. His Mother was great with him. She would hold him, swing him about, dance with him. To Thriller. That was back in the day of the turntable and the LP. We had the album and Thriller was a long song on it. Sharon would dance with Jimmy as Thriller bellowed forth, holding him in her arms, and his grimaces would turn to grins, his cries to coos. When the song was over, we'd place the needle on the start of the song and they'd have another go-round.

What an elegant boy Jimmy was! Kind-hearted, unafraid, a battler, a lights-out scorer and shutdown goalkeeper in recreational soccer, a fast striker with a hard shot in travel soccer, a championship calibre guard in the city basketball league, smart, creative. I've lost Jimmy now to PAS (I recently found out that last winter, on his 21st birthday he legally changed his last name to her maiden name), and Sharon is my least favorite person ever, but her careering around the room with Jimmy in her arms, him laughing hysterically as Thriller played, is still a precious memory. Hello Jimmy. Great job back then, Mom. Next up, Father Figure by George Michael, or the Johnny in JJ&D.

Thriller as performed recently by Filipino inmates.


Rainmaker said...

Wow, you're just pulling out all the YouTube stops the last few days. That one is a very solid one though!

Sunshine said...

Nice new bridge picture.
I puzzle over how Sharon could have either the motivation or the power to cause so much destruction in her boys' lives.

I haven't thought enough about reading Shakespeare to actually read it since college. Too bad, I guess?
Enjoying your New Year's project here.

Bex said...

That is a very odd video. And the woman looks like a man. I'm just sayin'. The memory of Sharon and "Thriller" is a nice one. I'm glad that you have one or two good memories of her and your first-born.

Susan said...

I'm sorry, but that is AWFUL changing ot her maiden name. Awful.