Sunday, January 6, 2008

Wassup Johnny, or Father Figure

My middle child Johnny was born while I was in my first semester of law school in Charlottesville. Since I was embarking upon a second career, I was the oldest student in my small section, by a lot. I became a hit at our small section parties because I would attend for a couple of hours, bringing the baby to give my wife a break, and then go home. My presence enabled the younger students to "practice" at having children. They'd hold the baby for awhile, beaming, and then hand him back to me when he turned fussy. There's nothing better than playing with babies and being able to unload them as soon as they start to fidget. Just ask any grandparent. (No, I'm not that old.)

The song that was being played endlessly on popular radio while we were busy with newborn Johnny was Father Figure by George Michael. It's a fine song all right, but the real reason it is listed in my Favorite Music section is because whenever I hear the lush and beseeching tune, I think of Johnny, who I haven't spoken with in two years nor seen in four. (Johnny a long time ago.)

What a fine boy Johnny was! Somber, industrious, responsible, determined, stubborn in a good sense, very intelligent, an award-winning science team member and a crafty and analytical sweeper on his select soccer team. I know from providing full tuition that he attends college in Richmond. Wassup Johnny? And happy birthday!

I will be the one who loves you til the end of time.

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Susan said...

I am really enjoying these posts, Peter. You are a GOOD DAD. Nay, GREAT DAD.